Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Crack Your Skull Up! 01

Crack Your Skull Up is an occasional series of posts about new music which will most certainly crack your skull up!


The Bordeaux shakedown nightmare continues unabated with this hot new release from Diktat. A real mangel hardcore feeling in the tradition of Sweden's Totalitar, even the bands name feels like a tribute to those mighty Scandinavians - hardcore for fans of HARDCORE.


Ex-member of Thisclose lunging full d-beat for the throat - State of Fear, Doom and even a whisper of early Entombed rattling around a cage made of Bones consecrated bones. The sound of a thousand crusties shoving their raised fists into an enormous boiling kettle in the depths of Bathgate - 100% SMASH.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Our Future zine issue one out now: KLF & Extreme Noise Terror - The Black Room

Issue one of our future zine looks in depth at the 1991/2 collaboration between international pop sensation The KLF and crust punk pioneers Extreme Noise Terror, in particular their planned joint LP 'The Black Room.'

The project was abandoned in its early stages, with only the below instrumental Extreme Noise Terror tracks as evidence in the public realm of how far the project had progressed. There may however, as reported in Our Future issue one. exist some much more developed, perhaps even finished versions of these tracks, though whether they will ever be available to the public is another question.

Listening to the below tracks out of context they come across as very simplistic, short and repetitive by the usual ferocious standards of Extreme Noise terror. However, when we consider how they would have pulled apart and re-arranged by Jimmy and Bill in the studio then a clearer sense of their intent as building blocks towards something much greater becomes clear.

I don't think I'm offering too much of a spoiler for Issue One by saying that the reasons why The Black Room LP was put on hold are us unclear today as they have ever been. If you would like to find out more about this unique moment in the history of both Hardcore punk and Pop culture history then follow this link to order a copy Our Future issue one

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Our Future issue one

Our Future issue one will be off to the printers this week - 24 pages focusing on the 1991/2 collaboration between The KLF and Extreme Noise Terror

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Five Thousand - Monadh

New release!

Heavy Hardcore in the vein of bands like Scatha and Amebix - CD coming soon