Thursday, 12 October 2017

Discharge 1986 - Back from the Grave

Issue II of Our Future is now pretty much sold out but before Issue III hits the door mats there are a few more aspects of Discharge 1986 I'd like to consider here on the blog.

The first is a classic 'what could have been' consideration. From about the 5 minute mark on the video below we get to hear the 1986 line-up of Discharge tearing through some classic Pooch era numbers sans vocals. The musicianship and energy is top shelf: Garry remains a powerhouse behind the kit, Fish more than nails the leads, and Nick doesn't slouch in bass department either.

The whole performance asks so many questions. What if the band had interspersed a few more of these these tunes through their set? What if Cal had toned down the falsetto a notch or two. What if the band had managed to keep going just a little longer? 

Close the curtains, back comb (whats left of) your hair, crank it up and give your best Cal impersonation!

More Discharge related posts t come, you can order a copy of the zine while stocks last here, and follow the zine/label via facebook here

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