Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Mob 47 #4 - a short interview with Iron System

Ironsystem are a relatively new hardcore band based in Fife, made up of various scene veterans who still have something to say and I'm very pleased to say they will be opening the night for Mob 47 in Edinburgh. Cheers to guitarist Jim for taking the time to tell us a little about the band and what we can expect from them on Sunday February 18th 2018.

Tell us a bit about Iron System then, I know we are talking about some fine Fife punk heritage with members of Japs Eye and Acid Tongue involved but who else have we got and how did it all come together?

Ironsystem is made up of Jacko, (Japs Eye) on bass, Jim, (Acid Tongue) on guitar, Kev, (Overspill) on vocals and Gogs, (Down to Kill) on drums. A mixture of Fife and Livi attitudes really. It came together with Jacko, giving me (Jim) a phone call, asking if I fancied playing guitar for a new project he was starting. I was up for it, so we start writing songs, got Kev involved, who in turn asked Gogs if he was up for a bit of drumming. It all just kinda slipped into place with everybody being available at the same time. 

You've just completed your first recording session, how did it go, are you happy with the results, when will be able to check out the tunes?

Yeah, we recorded our new EP, “Dead Time” at Vulture Studios with Jim Threat in the summer there. We had a blast. We recorded 5 tracks and we’re, very happy with the results. Recording at Vulture studios was a very positive experience for everybody. We’re at the nippy stage of cover designs, but we’re almost ready to unleash it. It’ll certainly be available for the Mob 47 gig, just the wee things to iron oot. 

What was the inspiration behind the bands name, for some reason i think of Thatcher and 'The Iron Maiden' - am I totally off the mark?

You’re a wee bit off the mark with the Thatcher references, but not too far. The name is taken from an essay by Marxist philosopher Theodor Adorno. The iron system is the system that allows the ruling elites to dictate the culture for the masses, whilst continuing to make money for themselves. In other words, get the masses more interested in the plots of soap opera’s and pop music, then they’re not looking at the elite robbing them blind. As big Theo states, no-one can escape the rhythmic throb of the iron system. 

You're opening for Mob 47 at the Banshee in Edinburgh on Sunday Feb 18th - what can the audience expect from you, are you ready to shake it up with the might Mob 47?

We are definitely looking forward to the Mob 47 gig, the Edinburgh crowd will expect we kick the fuck out of it as we do with every gig we play. So, what can we do but thrash and kick the fuck out of it, be rude not to. 

Whats next on the bands agenda, any plans to play further afield?

Ironsystem hope to go South into the rest of the UK at some point to spread the throb of the hypnotic rhythm. But we’ll also continue to gig in Scotland for all the great people we’ve played gigs for already. We’ll also be looking to record more tracks for release next year. It’s all looking exciting where we’re standing with the release soon of the Dead Time EP and gigs on the horizon. We cannae wait really, bring it the fuck on. 

Finally, were can we check out your music and do you have any other upcoming gigs?

We’re hoping to have the EP on as many formats as possible. Take advantage of the digital age. But we’ll also have CDs available at our gigs when it is released. We’re playing with Sanction This, Razor Sharp Death Blizzard and Subvision on the, 1st of December at the Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh, which is gonnae fuckin rock the shit out of it. We’re also supporting Dogflesh in the Windsor in Kirkcaldy on the 16th of December, another one to wet, the appetites. Looking forward to seeing, Rob, Tim and the boys again for an ear bleeding evening of mayhem. As for next year, keep an eye and ear out for ironsystem coming near you.

Mob 47 and The Wankys - Northern Noise Mangel February 2018

Friday 16th Feb - the Lughole - Sheffield
w/Ratcage + State Funeral

Saturday 17th Feb - Pop Records - Sunderland (12-2pm Matinee) 

Saturday 17th Feb - Nice N Sleazy - Glasgow
w/Grieve + Droves

Sunday 18th Feb - Bansee Labyrinth - Edinburgh
w/Grieve + Iron System

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