Saturday, 2 December 2017

Mob 47 #5 - Mob 47 - the Agoni connection

The Swedish hardcore scene has always been recognised as one of the world's powerhouses with wave after wave of distortion wielding viking wizards choosing the medium to express their anger. From first wave artists such as Shitslickers and Anti-Cimex, through 90's heroes like Disfear and Totalitar, to present day bangers 偏執症者, the country continues to punch way above is belt in terms of the quality, and quantity of bands it produces.

So what would be more powerful than a Swedish hardcore band you might ask? Two Swedish hardcore bands of course! For a brief couple of weeks back in early 1984 such a world collision occurred - Per, vocalist with Agoni, found himself fronting Mob 47 long enough to lay down a couple of tracks, but sadly not long enough to take part in the recording session for the legendary Karnvapen Attack EP. Luckily for us the ever fantastic Insane Society label decided to press these Agoni/Mob 47 crossover tracks as a flexi disc in 2016 so that we might all enjoy this unique crossover - and what a rager it is!

Sadly Per passed away earlier this year, but his legacy lives on in wonderful recordings such as these, hopefully inspiring young punks for many generations to come.

Enjoy the sounds, order the record directly from the label, and check out the northern UK tour dates below!

Mob 47 and The Wankys - Northern Noise Mangel February 2018

Friday 16th Feb - the Lughole - Sheffield
w/Ratcage + State Funeral

Saturday 17th Feb - Pop Records - Sunderland (12-2pm Matinee) 

Saturday 17th Feb - Nice N Sleazy - Glasgow
w/Grieve + Droves

Sunday 18th Feb - Bansee Labyrinth - Edinburgh
w/Grieve + Iron System

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