Saturday, 16 June 2018

Mob 47 #7 - a wild weekend of wanking mangel!

Well we are now about 4 months since Mob 47 rocked through Scotland for the first time ever, life unfortunately leaving the blog and label activities on the DL for a while.

The tour was a smash hit success and everyone who witnessed the Swedish legends was in agreement that it was well worth the 30 odd year wait.

here is a video clip of the Edinburgh gig shot by Graham over at Everyday Madness Everyday

OurFuture zine is very much on the back burner at the moment with the 4 issues of Volume One now printed  (issues 3 & 4 still available here) however I have started compiling interviews and articles for a future issue with summer 2019 in mind as a release date.

With regards to the label there are three releases in the pipeline, but whether any are released before 2019 is anyone's guess!

So the only thing that is 100% certain is that Our Future will be helping with the promotion of the gig for legendary Japanese grinders Sete Star Sept in Glasgow this coming September - more details to follow!

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