Sunday, 21 January 2018

Mob 47 #6 - 1 month to go - a quick chat with drummer Chrille

With less than a month to go now until I fired a few questions over drummer Chrille to see whats up with the band and how the preparations are going for their trip. The buzz round all the shows is high and the tour looks set to be one of the hardcore highlights of 2018 - do not miss out, mark the dates in your diaries and follow the events on Facebook today!

Following the interview is a video of the band playing in Singapore a few years back, just because the SxE Asian scene kicks so much ass. Enjoy!

Interview with Mob 47 drummer Chrille Jan 2018

When you were teenagers how did you imagine the UK punk scene? How did you feel when you first heard Discharge? Am I right in thinking you had a some connections with the scene?

UK punk scene was brutal in the eighties but I remember when Åke play Discharge for the first time for me,, how that was amazing I was in love. Yes Discharge is big influence for Mob47 but also Varukers and GBH

What were your expectations when you last came over 10 years ago? Was the UK everything you hoped it would be?

Yes I think so; we didn’t have so such high expectations for UK hahaha

It's ten years now since your last full studio recording the 'Dom Ljuger Igen' EP - are there any plans for perhaps a final Mob 47 EP?

We have talked about it and Åke have done some guitar riffs so will see that happens

Your flexi release from last year featured an unreleased demo from the 80's with Per from Agoni/Discard on vocals who sadly passed away last year - do you have any memories of Per you could share with us?

Per was a lovely person and he did a lot of lyrics to Mob 47, really sad that he passed away.
I don’t have so much memory but he was a big Mob47 fan and was in our rehearsal room many times writing lyrics to us.

final question - what can the Scottish punks expect from Mob 47 next month?

The will see and listening to real Swedish fast C-beat mangel with no krångel !!!
It’s the first time for us to play in Scotland and we really looking forward to it, hope to see you there

Mob 47 and The Wankys - Northern Noise Mangel February 2018

Friday 16th Feb - Ask a punk! - Sheffield
w/Ratcage + State Funeral

Saturday 17th Feb - Pop Records - Sunderland (12-2pm Matinee) 

Saturday 17th Feb - Nice N Sleazy - Glasgow
w/Grieve + Droves

Sunday 18th Feb - Bansee Labyrinth - Edinburgh
w/Grieve + Iron System

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